Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

At YBPS we value and recognise that technology already has a ubiquitous place in the lives of our students.

We aim to deliver curriculum using ICT tools wherever possible to enable students to not only become highly competent users but also appreciate the risks, their responsibilities and the adaptabilities of these learning tools.

We also aim to encourage creativity and a solutions focused approach through the use of ICT tools in the firm belief the lives of our students will be greatly influenced by technology.

We enjoying blogging as a great way to communicate, share and learn. The following are our class blog sites, (construction and maintenance of class blogs is not mandatory and a responsibility for individual class teachers):

TA 4: Miss Armstrong’s Kindergarten Korner
TA 5: Mrs Sulon’s Kindy Adventures
TA 6: Room Six Year One 2016
TA 7: Hungry to Learn in Year 1
TA12: Year 3/4 With Mrs Humphrey
TA 14: The Legends of Room 14
TA17: Room 17 is Prime
T3: Miss Robinson’s Terrific T3
T4: Miss Cuerden’s T4 Superstars



After extensive consultation with our parent community, Yanchep Beach has decided to pilot a one-to-one iPad program with our Year Four students from Term Two, 2016.