Independent Review Findings

In Term Four of 2016, a team of independent reviewers from the Department of Education Services reviewed all aspects of Yanchep Beach Primary School’s operations. Their conclusion was as follows:

The school leadership, board, staff and school community have set high standards and high expectations of teaching, learning, respectful relationships and productive, flexible learning environments during the establishment phase of the school. Despite challenges presented by rapid growth, a strong culture of care, mutual respect and collaboration has been developed.

Strong leadership and capable staff, together with whole-school approaches to curriculum delivery, have begun to show improved student achievement and growth.

The staff endeavour to respond to the community, supported and encouraged by an increasingly active parent body, engaged board and collaborative and enthusiastic colleagues.

As the school moves forward, the board, school leadership and staff are united, enthusiastic and committed to establishing a very effective school. This reflects the school community’s desire to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive teaching and learning environment for children and staff.

You can read the full report here.